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Tengelmann Warenhandelsgesellschaft KG, doing business as the Tengelmann Group, is a holding company based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.

Tengelmann working atmosphere is catastrophic and methods are outdated, former Employee in Social Care in Mülheim shared a review on stepstone.de

"Once and never again. There is a catastrophic working atmosphere and the managers are a joke. The working methods are antiquated."


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Colin Scott says

"I purchased Chicken Thigh Joints recently from Aldi and was extremely suprised by the lack of meat on them. It was clear that they were packaged to be as appealing as a thigh, a breast or a leg - but in reality it was more bone and skin than anything edible. Where once Aldi may have been associated with quality at a good price, I think now it is more about the price and much less about the quality."

mandy says

"The way I was treated by Aldi customer service was beyond belief. I placed an order online the item was delivered to my previous address despite changing the address. I contacted them on four occasions to remind them that I had moved over a year ago. I was told by one adviser from Customer service that the item will be reordered to arrive 1st class on a Monday, when nothing arrived I contacted them again I was then told that the last adviser did not leave any notes on the system that I even called.The item was not reordered. This went on until I asked for a refund. The item was still at the previous address. I then asked if they can collect the item and was told Hermes tried but said they couldn't collect after two attempts. The tenant from the previous address can throw the item away. Appalling with no customer care focus. I'm so put off I will never order from Aldi online again"

Andrew Kyrillou says

"Once upon a time aldi gave you quality products at a discount price. I swapped from the more expensive supermarkets too them for this reason. But over the past year their products have become really poor quality. From tinned beans to salmon en croute you can taste the cheapness. Even their branding has got worse, obviously using "One Stop" products and removing the "one stop" wording. Overall I'm very disappointed with what they've become and have returned to sainsburys, they might be more expensive but at least the quality isn't compromised."

Caroline Davis says

"Buy fruit and veg each week. Even when use by dates are 7 days later, one or two days after buying the produce is off or mouldy. So annoying. Even flowers. Have complained, but being ignored. Being told to return items to store, but can't keep running mouldy, dripping veg etc down to shop..I am busy! Help!"

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